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Truro Big Issue seller Nick finds wellbeing in nature

This article was first published on The Big Issue website on 18 June 2020.

Badgers are among the wildlife near Nick Photo: kallerna

The natural world has provided a source of comfort to Nick Cuthbert since he has been unable to sell The Big Issue in Truro.

Like all Big Issue vendors, Nick hasn’t been able to sell the magazine since March due to the risk presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to The Big Miss You Podcast, Nick said that he is grateful that his caravan is surrounded by wildlife.

“I’ve been putting out bird feeding tables, bird feeders, nesting boxes, so really keeping myself busy with that,” he added.

“On the full moon it was mental, it was so loud with wildlife. Badgers, foxes, deer – it was full-on that night, on that Strawberry Moon. I suppose that’s kept me smiling.”

Nick said he has been working six days a week for at least nine years selling the magazine. As well as finding it hard to get by without his usual income, it’s also difficult for him to adjust to being away from his customers.

The Big Issue has been helping him with some money and food vouchers, but Nick is really looking forward to the day it’s safe for him to return to his pitch outside M&S at Lemon Quay in the Cornish city.

Nick’s customer Sally is also looking forward to his return.

“I think of you. I do admire your resourcefulness, Nick,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to the day I can come and buy The Big Issue from you.”

You can hear the full interview with Nick and Sally on this week’s edition of The Big Miss You Podcast.

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