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Magazine Diaries: What now for community?

This very short piece was written for my friend Peter Houston's amazing Magazine Diaries project. He's asking 100 people from the magazine industry to talk about the current coronavirus crisis and how it's affecting us... in just 100 words. OOFT. Here's what I said. To read more check out his website.

Community. Lockdown has forced the re-evaluation of the very concept. How can we be together when we must be apart?

Normally, I’d be getting ready to bring the magazine community together at the Edinburgh International Magazine Festival. The coronavirus chasm claimed 2020’s edition.

Furloughed, I’ve retained purpose by donating time to create The Big Miss You Podcast. Celebrating The Big Issue’s ability to bring socially excluded people into the heart of their communities, it’s a gift of hope.

At heart, all magazines are community-builders. Whether accessed through paper, pixels or podcast, they’re clubs you can visit without opening your door.

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